What To Wear To A Funeral For Men: A Gent’s Guide

What Do Men Wear To An Informal Funeral?

Informal funerals can be tough to dress for, especially if you’re used to the traditional suit and tie. For informal funerals, men should wear a button-down shirt with dress pants or khakis. 

What do you wear to an informal funeral?

Funerals are stressful enough without having to worry about what to wear. Usually, we would say to wear a black suit and tie with a white collared shirt, but if you don’t own a suit there are other options available. The one thing we want to discourage is using your wardrobe as an excuse not to go to the funeral. Don’t be that guy gentlemen. Show up with what you have and put your best foot forward. 

With that said, let’s get into it. 

What Should Men Wear To An Informal Funeral?

Informal attire for a funeral can be summed up in four or five wardrobe items. Button-down shirt, khakis/dress pants, tie, oxfords, and a sweater/blazer. We’ll go over all of these in detail to give you a good idea of what to wear to an informal funeral.

This advice is also acceptable for a formal wedding if you don’t have a traditional suit and tie. We’ll also cover some colors that work well in this setting and what to avoid at all costs. 

A button-down shirt with dress pants is a staple for any gentleman. It shows respect without being stuffy.

When we say button-down shirt we of course mean the classic white collard shirt that every gentleman should have in his wardrobe. It goes with pretty much anything and you can use it forever. So if you don’t own one, this is a good time to get one. 

what to wear to a funeral for men, man in a black suit
Here are a few pointers for this simple two-piece set

Wear a tie. 

Listen, gents, this is a funeral. There’s simply no excuse not to wear a tie. Nothing too colorful or exciting. Choose a dark color like black or dark navy blue. Pair that with a simple pair of dress pants and you’re in business. If for some reason you just don’t have a tie and you can’t borrow one, make sure the rest of your attire is appropriate and on point. The shirt can make or break this particular situation. A strong collard solid white shirt can still work if there isn’t a tie. 

Tuck that shirt in and make it solid white if possible. 

This should go without saying, but we’ll say it anyway, tuck that shirt in. Even if the button-down shirt is supposed to be worn untucked, tuck it in. Also, make sure the shirt you choose is solid white. There are some off-white alternatives to collard shirts. If you have an off-white shirt make sure it compliments your tie, pants, and sports/coat.

 Choose dress pants if possible, khakis should be the last option. 

Remember even if you don’t know the person or family all that well, you want to be as respectful as possible. Dress pants are for formal events. A funeral qualifies. Dress pants also look better with dressy dark oxfords.

 What do you wear to a funeral if you don’t have black?

As men, we don’t usually go out of our way to buy black suits. If you don’t have black then dark gray or dark blue will work. Our preference is dark gray, charcoal, as your second choice, but if gray and black are not available pick a dark blue as your last option.

what to wear to a funeral for men, black man in suit and tie

Even if you don’t have black to wear, the main objective is to be presentable, respectful, and subdued. Choose what you think will suit the occasion. 

Best Color Pairings For An Informal Funeral

Here are a few color pairings for your wardrobe when attending an informal funeral:


Your tie should either be solid black or solid dark grey


Collared shirts should be solid white if possible. 


Your dress pants should be either dark brown, black, or tan.

Blazer/Sports Coat/Sweater

Your blazer should be a dark color.  

Dress Shoes

Your shoes should be dressy and dark. Oxfords are our favorite choice.  

What about Polos? 

As a last resort, a nice polo tucked-in is acceptable. However, you need to have a sweater or sports coat to make it look formal. A nice blazer or sweater with a tucked-in polo is appropriate permitted; they are still dark-colored. Try to pair your polo with a finely knit sweater not too thick. 

What Should You Not Wear To An Informal Funeral?

Leave the brightly colored clothes at home, gents. Anything other than dark gray, black or deep dark navy blue is not acceptable. Avoid fancy ties or accessories like pocket squares as well. We love a beautifully patterned tie but colors like red, blue, orange, yellow, etc are no place for a funeral. The best place for these accessories is at a wedding, cocktail party, office, or date night.  Your presence at a funeral should never be a distraction. Even if the funeral is informal, your attire should represent how much respect you have for the individual and the family. 

Can A Man Wear Jeans To A Funeral? 

No. Jeans are not appropriate for a man to wear to a funeral. The only exception is if you’ve been told specifically to dress casually, and if that’s the case business casual is more appropriate. There are so many ways to get your hands on a white shirt and a pair of dress pants. Amazon is your best friend for 2-day shipping, borrow a suit from a friend, or spend a quick 20 bucks at Walmart. Avoid jeans at all costs. 

What Do Men Wear To An Informal Funeral? Conclusion

To summarize your informal funeral attire, wear a solid white button-down shirt with a dark-colored pair of dress pants. Pair that with a dark-colored tie and dark sweater or sports coat. No matter what gentlemen, always find a way to go to the funeral. Even if you don’t have these items and you just can’t get them, it’s better to show up and pay your respects rather than not show up at all. 

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