How To Wear A Pocket Square: The Modern Rules

The art of how to wear a pocket square dates back to hundreds of years ago, during the 14th century. This tiny little material has been used by men all over the world to extra complement their look. A pocket square is one of the most classic accessories that add a touch of style to any formal attire!

A pocket square may seem not that important like the rest of the formal attire, but you’re wrong if you think so. This little piece of fabric can completely change your traditional look from simple to classy! Having said that, it is also vital you match it with the right color and pattern combination of shirts or blazers, which you will learn in detail as you read.

If you’re looking for ways to slay that pocket square, then you’re at the right place. In this article, you’ll learn every bit of detail on how to wear a pocket square or the best way to wear a pocket square. Let’s get right into it!

What Is A Pocket Square?

A pocket square is a piece of cloth or fabric that you fit inside your blazer pocket that is on the left side of your chest. You can style the material in various designs of your choice as there are many ways you can fold the square cloth.

The point is to fold the cloth and fit it inside the pocket in a way it is visible to the rest of the eyes. The use of pocket squares elevates your formal attire and makes any occasion classy. So, if you want to make any occasion elegant and less boring, give the pocket square a chance!

how to wear a pocket square

How To Wear A Pocket Square With A Suit

Just like thigh-high boots don’t go well with a below-the-knee skirt, the rule applies the same with pocket squares. Since it elevates any formal attire doesn’t mean you can match any type of pocket square to your formal suit. You need to remember that a pocket square can upgrade your look, or it might ruin the whole look.

However, do not be tensed because it’s effortless to pair your formal attire with the right pocket square. Without much further a due, let’s look into the right way to wear pocket squares!

Avoid too many patterns.

Yes, you heard it right. Whenever you want to add a pocket square to your suit, try to keep it minimal. In other words, go for a plain or minimal pattern pocket square if your suit has patterns. And if your suit is relatively simple, you can go for a patterned pocket square. Besides, it’s always best and safe to choose a minimal pocket square.

White is the universal color.

It’s a known fact that there is hardly any color that doesn’t go with the color white. If you’re a person who has different types of suits or tuxedos, then it is a must that you own a white-colored pocket square.

You can match your white pocket square with any patterned or colored suit or tuxedo, and it’ll look as classy as ever!

Go crazy with the pocket square

Of course, minimal is the key. However, there is always an exception. Even when it comes to tuxedos since most tuxedos come in basic colors and don’t have many designs, matching them with a pocket square becomes much easier.

If your tuxedo is plain and straightforward, you have all the right to go bonkers on the pocket square. The only condition is that the suit or the blazer must be plain. 


Most people wear pocket squares with suits and tuxedos, and many still think that pocket squares are meant to be worn only with blazers. However, little do they know that these little cloth pieces look dashing even with suspenders!

You can rock any occasion with those suspenders matched with formal pants and the star of the outfit, a pocket square.

Tieless suits

You can even pair your pocket square with a simple shirt and a blazer on top. You don’t need a tie to complete the look. There’s no such thing as “tie is a must on formal wears.”

Look casually stylish and classy with a tieless suit paired with a matching pocket square!

Bow tie

One can never go wrong when it comes to bow ties. Likewise, there is no better combination or chemistry than that of a bow tie and a pocket square. A pocket square might not look best with matching ties; however, you can match your pocket square with your bow tie!

Match it with your shirt, vest, etc.

Another best way to wear a pocket square is by matching it with your shirt or vest. The shirt and the pocket square don’t have to be of the exact same pattern and color. However, it must have some slight similarities in color and design.

Also, with vests, you can pair up your pocket square in accordance with the color of the vest. The right way to wear a pocket square is not as hard as you think. You just need to own a few with minimal patterns, different colors, and a white-colored pocket square, and you’re good to go anytime and anywhere!

Size of a pocket square

When thinking about how to wear a pocket square, you should consider the size. A pocket square can usually range from 10×10 inches to 17×17 inches and not more than that. However, it mostly depends on the type of fabric you are using. It means that the thicker your fabric, the smaller the size of the cloth you will need. And the thinner the fabric, the larger the size of the cloth will be needed.

The cloth needs to hold the shape or design you want in your pocket, so it is important to choose the right kind of fabric and the size of the cloth.

Rules for how to wear a pocket square

A pocket square might look as though it doesn’t need much effort to complete the look. However, though it might be the smallest accessory in complete formal attire, it is essential to mix-match pocket squares with the proper formal attire. 

Following are the rules to best wear a pocket square:

  • As mentioned above, keep the patterns minimal. If you’re going for a simple look, avoid heavy patterns on the pocket square and shirt.
  • Never ever match your pocket square with your tie. It is simply a big no.
  • Make sure you choose a shade lighter than the shirt for your pocket square.
  • If no pocket square seems to go with your formal suit, go for a white pocket square. It will never go wrong.
  • Make sure your pocket square is neither too big nor too small, and it fits perfectly.

Best material for a pocket square

It is vital to choose the right kind of fabric or material when it comes to pocket squares. The most common fabric used for pocket squares would be cotton and linen, which is also the safest and best material.

Why cotton and linen? Well, simply because with these two fabrics, especially cotton, one can never go wrong. It is easy to fold, shape and design the way you want it. Especially if you’re wearing a silk or cotton suit, then your best option would be a cotton or linen pocket square.

If you are wearing a woolen or more textured suit, you might want to match it with a refined pocket square such as silk.

Are pocket squares expensive?

Pocket squares come in various price ranges. Those that are made of high-end quality fabric like that of mulberry silk can be a bit pricier but not so costly too, and the rest you will find at reasonable prices.

The price of each pocket square depends on its quality and material, so it is up to you to decide which one you want. If you are looking for a high-quality pocket square to wear on a grant occasion, then it’ll cost you a few hundred dollars; however, it will last you a lifetime.

You can use pocket squares for other purposes.

Who says pocket squares are meant only for showcasing and elevating formal attires? Nobody! Speaking of which, is there anyone who doesn’t want to smell good the whole day? 

Well, here’s some good news! You can spray your favorite perfume on your pocket square, and the smell will last longer than spraying onto your clothes. Now, you can smell good as well as look classy with this little piece of fabric!

Is the pocket square meant only for formal occasions?

That would be a big NO. Pocket squares are meant to elevate or upgrade formal looks, not formal occasions. Unless you are going for a picnic, you can rock a pocket square anytime. There is no such saying that pocket squares are meant just for weddings.

No doubt, a pocket square looks best on formal occasions; however, you can go with the square cloth for other events as well. You can wear it in office, meetings, dinner parties, engagements, and all business environments. As long as there’s a shirt, you can flaunt pocket square anytime and anywhere. 

how to wear a pocket square casually,

Occasions to wear a pocket square

As mentioned above, there are so many occasions to best wear a pocket square, and it doesn’t always have to be weddings. However, if you’re looking for particular occasions to flaunt the square fabric, then these are the occasions you would definitely want to wear one:

  • Weddings

What is one thing that catches your attention when you look at a groom? His pocket square, of course! These pocket squares elevate their looks and give that special touch to the occasion! 

If your day is right around the corner and you’re confused about whether to go with pocket square? Then think no more. This is your day, and you’re supposed to look classy in every way that pocket square speaks of!

  • Dance or prom

If you want to make a great impression on your partner on the occasion of prom or dance, then complete your formal look with a pocket square. You are sure to turn many heads, and you’ll feel as confident as ever.

  • Office meetings

One of the best ways to wear a pocket square is in offices. The office is a great and appropriate place to wear a pocket square. They are all about professionalism, and pocket squares do perfect justice to it. 

You can attend office meetings or interviews wearing a pocket square and be sure that you have left an excellent first impression!

  • Formal functions

Pocket squares don’t have limited occasions to be worn. You can wear it in any kind of formal function or business environment.

How to wear a pocket square with a tuxedo

Wearing a pocket square with a tuxedo is not head-scratching. In fact, it is the easiest. Pocket squares are meant to be worn on the pocket that is located on the left side (chest area) of the blazer or tuxedo.

Make sure you match the right-colored pocket square with your tuxedo. If you’re confused about what to choose, you can always go for white colored pocket square for any colored tuxedo.

How to fold a pocket square 

There are so many ways to fold a pocket square. One of the easiest ones is the Presidential fold:

  • Fold the square cloth once according to the width of the pocket. 
  • Next, fold it up from the base till it forms a rectangle. The width of the cloth rectangle should be the same as the pocket on the blazer.
  • Tuck the folded cloth into your pocket and adjust it accordingly.

You can also check out many designs on how to fold a pocket square on the internet!


You look your best on any occasion once you wear a pocket square. Be it weddings, proms, meetings, etc.; pocket squares just complete it. It’s like every guy ought to have a pocket square in their wardrobe!

Now that you know all about how to wear pocket squares and what to wear them with, you no longer need to save them for the best occasion. 

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