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What Mad Men Taught Us About Liquor (Exclusive Content)


I love mad men. And no it has nothing to do with the latest trend. Instead it has everything to do with sex and liquor. What you drink and when you drink it shows a certain type of experience. It’s also an easy way to show a woman you know what you’re doing in EVERY aspect of life.

Knowledge in this area particularly can have a huge influence on your professional, social and yes, even your sex life. So we can safely assume that any history of drunken escapades involving parties, weddings, and bars can be ruled out. There’s more to life than corona (hopefully).

The key isn’t trying to know every cocktail mixture ever invented, it’s simply knowing what to drink at the right time. So we’ll do you a favor and take you back to basics, and hopefully you’ll learn a thing or two.

The goal here is confidence. Whether you’re being humorous, charming, or intellectual the end goal is always to be confident. After all, confidence is sexy.


At a bar/club/lounge

(Now lets remember the bar should be one where your 15 year old sister can’t sneak in.)

Dirty martini. Whiskey or Scotch on the rocks. No straws. Anything carbinated should be clear and in a rocks glass.

Theres nothing less sexy than a man drinking a cranberry cocktail in a tall glass, sipping from a tiny straw. Only do this if you’re not interesting in sex with a woman for the next 10 years.

At a restaurant

Let’s stay away from the margaritas, especially if its not a Mexican restaurant. Instead, have a glass of red wine. Red has a bolder taste than white and looks infinitely better in your hands. Choose one that has a sweeter tone and ask your date to try it.

Girl and beachAt the Beach

Beer. Great beer. Try a local brew that isn’t well known but delicious. And always in a bottle, never a cup. You can put anything in a cup, a bottle is less threatening.  When you see her sun bathing a few feet away, offer her a BOTTLE and invite her to play a game of volleyball with your friends.

At the office

What ever your boss is drinking. Just make sure you don’t get wasted at the company party. Nothing says unsuccessful like a man who can’t control what goes down his gullet.

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