Should I Propose Before or After Dinner?

You’ve finally found the perfect guy/girl, and now you want to pop the question. Only now you’re wondering, “Should I propose before or after dinner?

If you’re wondering whether to propose before or after dinner, then you’ve probably already decided who you want to marry. The answer depends on your relationship status, how long you’ve known each other and how serious you both are about marriage.

There are pros and cons to proposing either way. For example, waiting until after dinner gives you time to plan the proposal, but it also means you won’t get to enjoy the moment. On the other hand, asking someone beforehand allows you to build anticipation, but it might be awkward if they say no.

Let’s look at the pros and cons a little more in-depth.

Should I Propose Before or After Dinner? – Pros and Cons

Pros and Cons of Proposing Before Dinner

Pro: Popping the question before dinner gives you the opportunity to celebrate for the rest of the evening.

If you’re planning a romantic meal, this is an ideal time to do so. It will give you plenty of time to prepare and make sure everything goes smoothly. And a lovely meal with a great dessert is the perfect way to celebrate the moment.

Con: If you want the moment to be intimate you’ll have to wait to leave the restaurant to be alone with your partner.

Surrounding yourself with a bunch of people while proposing may seem like the best move, at least in movies, but if you or your partner get antsy or get anxious around a lot of people this may not be the best approach. When/if your partner says yes, you could wind up talking to strangers rather than enjoying the moment.

Pro: You have less time to be nervous about proposing.

Sweaty hands, nervous energy, and an anxious presence can put a damper on dinner. If you’re one to get anxious over what your partner may say, popping the question sooner is probably best for you.

Con: If you propose before dinner, you should be fairly certain of the answer.

If your partner says no before the appetizers arrive, it’ll make for a very awkward dinner. Rejection is no fun, and having to sit through dinner after the ultimate rejection is just plain torture. Best case scenario, you’ll both end up leaving almost immediately after you’ve arrived.

Pros and Cons of Proposing After Dinner

So you’ve had an amazing dinner and dessert is about to come out. If you’re wondering whether now is the time to pop the big question, here are a few pros and cons to consider

Pro: Proposing after dinner gives you the chance to make dinner a truly special event.

You’ll be able to focus on the details like ambiance, music, food, and more importantly each other. One of the most memorable moments in your life can be savored and shared in an intimate setting without people gawking at the couple that just got engaged.

Con: You’ll be nervous the entire night.

There are some people that handle nerves quite well. And there are others who find it debilitating. It really depends on how well you know yourself. You’ll be surrounded by people. You’ll have to spend at least an hour maintaining your composure which can get a little awkward if you’re not used to the pressure. Ultimately ask yourself, “Will I be able to enjoy myself  if I’m worried about proposing all night?”

Pro: Your proposal won’t be interrupted.

Imagine, you’re about to ask your partner the ultimate question and your server interrupts with “More bread?”. Proposing after dinner means no interruptions.

Con: The end of the meal might get awkward.

Even if your partner says yes, the whole – let me find the server to pay our bill – right after could be a little weird if you have nothing else planned. So it’s really a matter of creating the experience from beginning to end. Don’t just think about what happens up to the proposal, think about after.

Tip: Plan something really special to do right after dinner and your proposal won’t be the end, instead it’ll be the special moment of a really beautiful evening.

Pro: If they say no…

If your partner says no you both can leave right away. And trust me, it’s the best move. Flag down the waiter, pay your bill and go.

How To Pick The Perfect Restaurant For Your Proposal 

should I propose before or after dinner, man proposing to a beautiful woman at a restaurant,

The first thing you need to decide is where you want to propose. There are many different places you can choose from. Some are romantic while others are more casual. Here are a few ideas that you might like other than restaurants. However, if you do choose a restaurant, here are a few things to consider.

When choosing a restaurant for a proposal, make sure it’s sentimental to you and your partner. It should hold a special place in your heart as well. Choose a romantic restaurant that you’ve been to before.

A nice restaurant with a great view of the scenery is the ideal choice. You may want to ask about the menu beforehand too. Make sure there are no hidden costs involved. Also, be sure to check out the staff before going in.

Ask if the restaurant will work with your engagement plans such as asking if they’ll hide your ring for you. This is your opportunity to make the experience truly memorable for your partner, take the time to find the right restaurant that’s receptive to your plans.

Should I Propose Before of After Dinner – Tips for a Smooth Proposal

Be honest about who you both are.

Don’t choose some fancy cheesy-romantic overly-expensive restaurant just because that’s what other people do. Do what you know your partner would love. Here are some other awesome proposal ideas to choose from.

If you choose to propose at a restaurant, don’t hide the ring in your food. Choking on your engagement ring is not the best way to begin an engagement.

Plan something special after dinner.

Whether it’s going back home for an intimate glass of wine or having a party planned with friends and family, have something planned after you propose. It’ll make the transition from dinner a lot smoother.

Make sure your partner is dressed for the occasion.

If you’re planning on going all out, suit and tie, make sure your partner has a reason to do the same. Otherwise, your after-proposal photos could look a little strange.


No matter what your proposal will be special because it’s coming from your heart. Don’t fret over the details. Don’t worry if something doesn’t go according to plan. Whether it’s before or after dinner, your proposal will still be special. The most important part of any proposal is how you feel when you get engaged.

Need any ideas on what to wear for your proposal dinner? Click here.

What kind of proposal did you have? Let us know!


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