10 Ideas to Spice Up Your Second Date

It’s second date time! You know, the one where you finally get to see what she looks like without her glasses and makeup…or maybe not.

Anyway, second dates are so important because they lay the foundation for how long this relationship will last. So why not make it as memorable as possible? These second-date ideas will keep her interested and coming back for more.

Be A Tourist In Your Own Town 

If second dates are a test of how well you both get along, why not make it easy on yourself?

Doing things that she doesn’t usually do while visiting your town will be something completely new and different for her. So take advantage of the weather and hit up some tourist attractions.

The best part of exploring your own city is that you can find hidden gems that a tourist would never know about.

Hit Up The Local Country Club

Country clubs are a second date staple because they have so much to offer.

You can play golf, order from their amazing menu or walk around and enjoy nature by taking a stroll on one of the trails surrounding it.

This might be a hit or miss depending on how much you like golf. As an alternative, try mini-golf.

No one hates mini-golf.

Go For Ice Cream At An Old Fashioned Drive-In Theater

Ice cream and movies will always be a classic for great second date ideas.

For someone who loves movies and nostalgia this kind of second date is a home run.

Drive-in theaters are a unique experience that you can take advantage of. It’s intimate because it’s just the two of you, but you still get the movie theater experience.

It’s different and it will make her feel like she is in a movie. It doesn’t get more romantic than that!

second date ideas that include couple lying around romantically

Outdoor Concert or Street Fair

If you love music then taking your second date to see live music might be perfect for you two.

You can walk around, grab some food while listening to local bands play. Make sure it’s a type of music she likes, of course, but you can’t go wrong with live music.

Thrift Store Shopping

This one is a little bit more on the second-date-out-of-the-box side of things, but if she’s down for second dates that are outside her comfort zone then why not?

Go to a thrift store and walk around looking at all the unique items for sale.

Pro-tip: Buy her something small from the thrift store that she might have mentioned in passing on your first date. Surprise her at the end of the night.

Painting or Pottery 

Another really fun second-date idea is doing something artistic.

Take her to a painting class or make-your-own pottery event. It’s a great second-date idea because it gets you to interact with each other in an entirely new way.

Go have some fun!

second date ideas where you make her dinner

Movie Marathon

If your second date is on the chill side, then why not do something lowkey?

Have a movie marathon at her place or yours and order food. You can also incorporate Netflix because who doesn’t like Netflix and Chill?

Here’s another Pro-tip, instead of ordering food, make her dinner. It doesn’t have to be anything complicated, just make sure it tastes good. Also, it’s something you can do together right before the movie. Here’s a great cocktail recipe for a daiquiris!

Picking the second date idea is important and you want to make sure it’s good. Do not pick anything too wild or crazy because that might scare her away.

Just find something in between where she can open up more but isn’t entirely uncomfortable with what’s going on.

Go Bowling

Another fun second-date activity for those who are just getting to know each other is bowling.

For some reason, the act of throwing heavy balls at pins is a serious ice breaker.

It’s fun and it’s okay if things get a little competitive.

Go for a Hike

This second-date idea is great because you get to enjoy nature and it’s also very casual.

It will help her relax as well as give you the opportunity to talk things out more.

Plus, if she’s wearing heels or dressy clothes this might be an easy way to change up what she has going on.

Wine Tasting/Cocktails

Keeping it interesting doesn’t have to mean doing something crazy just for the sake of impressing her.

Wine tasting or going to a great bar/lounge is a really great idea for a second date.

These second-date ideas are great because they allow you to get a little closer and talk more.

Plus if you find a really interesting bar you can make it an experience she’ll never forget.

Also if you need a great date night outfit idea we got you!

Last but not least, second-date ideas don’t have to be extravagant.

Sometimes the best second-date idea is just a simple dinner or drinks at your place or hers.

You’ll get an opportunity to see what kind of food she’s into and you can end things early if needed without seeming too rude.

Just remember that second dates are just as important as the first, so put some effort into it gentlemen.

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