How To Wear A Turtleneck (The Right Way)

Some of the most trendy fashions today have a little history behind them. An origin story of where they came from and the history of turtle necks for men is quite an exciting tale, but perhaps for another day. 

Turtle necks have been famously worn since the mid-19th century and are insanely popular. But why are turtle necks so popular? For the most part, the cold icy weather can be pleasantly comfortable once you wear your favorite turtleneck, but that’s not all.

You can effortlessly look aesthetically pleasing with the right choice of clothing paired with the right kind of turtlenecks since they are insanely versatile and stylish to begin with.

They go well with any occasion you choose to be on, and they do not need a whole lot of coordination for you to look fancy and presentable to the max.

With that said, if you’re new to rocking it and interested to learn how to wear a turtleneck or want some inspiration in styling yourself up for a long-awaited occasion, we’ve got you covered!

This one-stop guide will help you answer all your queries. Read on!

How To Wear A Turtleneck Sweater?

Most fashionable, classy, and well-dressed people will have a turtleneck sweater for the colder months. This example speaks volumes since a turtleneck makes a man look extremely dashing.

There are different types of turtlenecks, and you can opt for a turtleneck sweater for most occasions, depending on how you style it. To start, If you’re going for a thin turtleneck sweater to pair with a jacket, you would need it to be the perfect fit. 

Thinner turtleneck sweaters are a great piece of clothing to help you layer up. Still, an important thing to remember is that they are underweight compared to most, so wearing them solo might look less appealing to the eyes.

Since you’re using the turtleneck as a substitute for a shirt and a tie, ensure that the length is good enough for you to tuck in your thin turtleneck sweater. Another example, If a suit is an option, you need to find the perfect-sized, well-matched colored turtleneck sweater. 

This will enhance your appearance more than a shirt and tie ever would. However, combinations are crucial, and an example of a bad combination to avoid while styling this look would be to combine a striped jacket or suit with a turtleneck. 

They often don’t look as great as a neutral-colored double-breasted jacket without any stripes. Lastly, wearing the turtleneck solo can look appealing and fancy if you have an incredible physique. Turtle necks on the chunkier sides are also a good choice if you plan to wear them solo.

How To Wear A Black Turtleneck?

More often than not, black turtlenecks go well with any combination you throw them in with. If you seem to lack confidence when asked how to wear a black turtleneck, here are some ideas you can use to build it up.

Black turtlenecks go well with meetings, so the next time you’re headed to an important meeting or formal event and don’t want to be in a suit and tie, you can pair your favorite black turtleneck with a darker-colored suit, such as a dark navy or charcoal grey.

However, if the occasion serves a casual look, or you are unsure what the dress code is but don’t want to be overdressed or dressed down? You can go with the traditional way of pairing your black turtleneck with a casual outfit.  

Dark jeans paired with your black turtleneck and wearing something light-colored for your structured jacket serve a tremendous smart-casual look. Footwears are a personal choice but pairing your outfit with sneakers, preferably white, or Chelsea boots would look stunning.

How To Wear A Turtleneck With A Blazer?

Rocking Turtlenecks with a blazer is such an underrated fashion statement. While it is considerably less hard to mix mash a combination of a turtleneck with a blazer than most combinations, here is a little in-depth explanation of how to wear a turtleneck with a blazer. 

By default, wearing something thin inside a blazer makes it more breathable and comfortable, so naturally, anyone would pick a thinner, slimmer fit turtleneck to layer up your winter look.

The most important thing to note here is to buy or customize the perfect fitted turtleneck. By perfectly fit, we mean everything the right sized. Too tight is uncomfortable; loose will feel bulky and wouldn’t look appealing. 

A key note to remember is that tucking your turtleneck looks better than not, so while we’re on the perfect fit pages, ensure your turtleneck is the correct length.

Secondly, choosing the right color will give you less trouble pairing your turtleneck with your blazer. A lighter or neutral-colored turtleneck would be a better option to avoid color clashes. 

Third, as we’ve mentioned earlier, the best way to style your turtleneck with a blazer would be to avoid those striped suits or blazers and go for a double-breasted blazer with colors to enhance your entire look. Lastly, pair all this with an oxford shoe or loafers.

How To Wear A Turtleneck Under A Shirt

We get it; turtlenecks are warm, stylish, and versatile, and there are many options or routes you can take when styling yourself with them. However, fashion disasters are inevitable, no matter how easy it is to pair the clothing.

Since they are so famous for layering, and if formal is your occasion, you can wear a thin turtleneck under a shirt and top it off with a suit. The turtleneck adds extra warmth and replaces the scarf for your neck.

For a more casual and modern approach, wear a thin-sized turtleneck and top it off with a flannel. You must ensure the flannel is all buttoned up and cozy while leaving the first 2-3 buttons open. Pair it with your most stylish pair of jeans or joggers. 

Wrapping up

Turtlenecks have come a long way in staying one of the most trendy pieces of clothing for centuries. Moreover, its versatility and how it makes people look aesthetically pleasing are reasons it stays popular. 

Are you planning to rock a turtleneck this winter? 

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