Building The Best Frugal Male Fashion Wardrobe

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Starting a new wardrobe on a budget? You might want to conder the frugal male fashion as a foundation to explore your style. You don’t need much money but a keen eye to distinguish the critical details while shopping.

The outcome of this fashion choice is that you’ll always look presentable and stylish. Interested in trying it out? Stick around for some frugal fashion advice that will keep you from breaking the bank in pursuit of fashion.

What Is Frugal Male Fashion?

When you combine frugality with fashion, you get a wardrobe that works for multiple occasions, preventing your need to buy more than you need. 

So, frugal fashion becomes essential when building a wardrobe on a budget or starting a new personal style from scratch. But this does not translate to purchasing the cheapest, low-quality items. 

In fact, the entire concept is based on the need to invest in quality items. This may cause you to spend more on a single item, but it will eventually save you more money in the long run. You want to steer clear of overly cheap items that compromise on quality and luxury items that have more to do with branding.

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Where To Buy White Oxford Shirts?   

White oxford shirts are the most discreet way to look effortlessly stylish. And a properly fitted and pressed one always looks flattering, regardless of if it’s one from a high-end store or something you picked up from a retail store.

If you’re looking to buy one without breaking the bank, consider getting one of cotton in a neutral color. Oxford shirts are also thicker than regular button-down shirts and have buttons to hold the collars from flapping. You can find some great deals at these stores:

  • Amazon: Everyone’s go-to store, Amazon, has the most varied price points and design options, giving you more flexibility in managing your budget.
  • Brooks Brothers: This firm has some of the most stylish options that every man should have. And you can rely on its quality because Brooks Brothers have been making some of the best oxford shirts since the 1890s.
  • Gant: This premium brand has some of the easiest styles you can pair with almost anything. But they’re pretty heavy on the price tag.
  • Uniqlo: If you’re looking for the most affordable oxford shirts with many styles, consider getting one from Uniqlo. Their high-quality fabric, fit, and color options are what make them a good starting place for the frugal man. 
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Where To Buy Dress Shoes?     

Dress shoes are a staple in every man’s wardrobe. While shopping frugally, you want to ensure that the shoes are discreet yet stylish. You can do this by shopping for decent-quality products, preferably genuine leather. And if you style it right, you can make them work for just about any occasion.

Here are some stores where you can get hold of some of the best dress shoes: 

  • Carlos: Buying a pair of shoes from Carlos means investing in a quality item with a timeless feel. Their dress shoes are inspired by vintage designs and have budget-friendly price points.
  • Johnston & Murphy: There’s no better way to rock your frugal male fashion than with a pair of footwear from Johnson & Murphy. Having spent almost two centuries in the market, the brand offers excellent craftsmanship and style at a reasonable price.
  • Stacy Adams: Shoes that look stylish and sophisticated have unique designs crafted with quality materials. Stacy Adams is your go-to store if you want to look suave without emptying your paycheck.

Where To Get Polos?     

Regardless of the many origins that polo shirts have, they are staples in men’s clothing today. They’re perfect to wear on summer days and even better to layer during the winter, so you don’t have a season without polos.

If you want your polo shirts to be functional and stylish, look for ones made with pique fabric and fitting neck size. Not sure where to start buying? Consider these options below:

  • Amazon Essentials: If you’re just opening your wardrobe to polos, you cannot go wrong with a classic piece from Amazon Essentials. And if you like your polos a little more fun, you have multiple color and pattern options. 
  • Buck Mason: Sueded cotton is one reason why Buck Mason’s polos are loved by everyone who wears it. Their polos are stylish and easy to style in any way you like. Moreover, the fabric is durable enough to last a lifetime, provided you care for it. 
  • Vuori: Polos are a stylish form of activewear, meaning you might need something that extinguishes moisture. Luckily, Vuori’s polo shirts are designed for anti-odor and are available in multiple colors. And they’re affordable too!
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Where To Get A Frugal Blazer?

A good blazer can make you look effortlessly stylish in no time and plays a huge role in frugal male fashion. They’re great to layer over a basic tee on a summer evening or to cover winter sweaters.

So, if you’re looking for affordable pieces that will make a difference, consider shopping from these stores:

  • Asos: Fast fashion stores like Asos are great places to get yourself some great deals. If you check their blazer section, you will find some classic pieces made in good cuts. But before you make your purchase, ensure that the blazer fits you perfectly and is suitable for multiple uses. 
  • Brooks & Brothers: This firm has many blazer options ranging from classic pieces to the most fashionable. Your best bet is to choose neutral-colored ones that look discreet.
  • Nordstrom: This firm is widely celebrated for its frequent flash sales. Moreover, they have new and fun styles coming in now and then, so you needn’t worry about your favorite item going out of stock.

Summing Up

Frugal male fashion is the best way to establish a good base for a wardrobe, regardless of your style. This is because you’re investing in items that can last a long time and have multiple purposes.

Since frugal fashion relies on discreet items, most are wallet-friendly and easy to find. However, there are pricier alternatives if you’re willing to pay a few extra bucks for a higher-quality item.

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