Best Hipster Glasses of 2021: Summer Guide

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You certainly don’t have to dig through the earth to find the right hipster glasses for you. Some people might think that hipster glasses are not supposed to be like other regular glasses.

However, the truth is, these glasses are just as stylish as any other pair of spectacles you might be looking at. 

Nowadays, these stylish glasses have changed our perspectives of how we view glasses.

For some people, these glasses are now the next cool thing. For others, they may not suit their style.

The good thing is, the styles of hipster glasses have evolved to a great extent in recent years. So, you might as well like them now even if you previously didn’t approve of them. 

Where they were once conceived as being “nerdy” and mainstream, they are now on the wishlist of every other fashion icon. Now if you own a pair of hipster glasses, no one can call your style “basic” or mainstream anymore.

You will understand this once you browse through all those pairs of eyeglasses that are being labeled as “hipster” nowadays. 

But here comes the problem. 

Considering how you will be scrolling through glasses for hours before picking one, it can be daunting to find the shape that not only suits your face but complements the look you’re going for as well.

So sit back and enjoy this in-depth guide summer guide to hipster glasses to refresh your look and add hippie elements to your wardrobe. 

So, let’s dive right into it!

What are Hipster Glasses and Are They Worth It

The word “hipster” is everywhere, but how many of you really know the meaning of it?

Hipster describes a person who is into the latest trends of fashion, lifestyle and music.

They generally lean towards the things that haven’t been tried by everyone else and as soon as they do, a hippie no longer finds it cool and moves on to a different trend. 

Hipster glasses are one of the very few indications of a hipster’s character as these stylish frames are always coming out with better shapes, colours and styles.

In fact, now you get to avail glasses with your choice of lens strength, polarisation (glare protection) and colours to suit your needs. 

Now that you know if you fall under this category of trendsetters or not, it’s time to explore some of the most highly-rated hipster glasses available on the market. 

Just like a hipster who thinks simple pairs of prescribed glasses are the thing of the past, here are some of the noteworthy eyewear hipster glasses that can elevate your summer experience this year. 

Round Rose Gold Eyeglasses

hipster glasses, glasses for hipsters, eyeglasses for hipsters,

Whether it is prescribed or not, these glasses will make you fall in love at first sight first with these beautiful, minimalist glasses with vintage and modern structure to resonate with your hipster personality.

The genuinely unique Rose Gold hue exists to spark an eyewear revolution with these thin and delicate pairs of glasses. 

Just like hipsters, the glasses have evolved from the classic style to these lightweight materials to provide comfort and aesthetics at the same time.

You can never fail to pair these up with any outfit to add slight elements of uniqueness to your everyday looks. 

These are not very expensive but highly rated among the customers. People are simply raving about these elegant spectacles as being dainty but strong.

Regardless of your face shape, you will definitely look cool with these glasses. 

Rose Gold Hipster Aviator Geometric Eyeglasses

hipster glasses, eyeglasses for hipsters,

The fashionable frame comes with a cool, irregular shaped frame that can perfectly suit any face shape, personality and fashion taste.

You can count on this pair of glasses to make you look more attractive and stand above the rest. 

Thanks to its oversized hipster style, it is known as a statement that you must have to look chic and elegant.

The high quality, durable frame, plastic temple tips and delicate design will make sure to add character to your face without taking away too much attention to itself.

The eyewear manufacturer offers lightning fast delivery within 3-9 business days and worldwide shipping for added convenience. 

The unusually shaped rim on the front makes this a great pair of glasses for all those hipsters out there. No matter what is your fashion taste, face shape, or budget, you are going to love it. 

GUCCI – GG0831OA Hipster Glasses

glasses for hipsters, hipster glasses, eyeglasses for hipsters,
eyeglasses for hipsters, hipster glasses,

If a high-end branded pair of glasses is your best bet, this one is the right glasses for you.

The Gucci glasses aren’t just known for their aesthetic perks but also offers practical benefits like reduced reflections and glare for better visual clarity.

It is a great way to enhance your vision at night and ensure you never damage your eyes with prolonged use of screen time anymore. 

The polycarbonate lenses are scratch-resistant and offer 100% UV protection to make an ideal choice for all the hipsters out there. With this, you can rest assured to make the best of these glasses by amping up your regular looks. 

WATER – Transparent Cyan Hipster Oversized Square Eyeglasses


Capture the dynamic look of these oversized hipster glasses to get a vintage look.

Hipsters are known for their oversized dressing and aesthetics, which gives a laid back and stylish overall appearance.

The lightweight acetate construction of these glasses lets you enjoy the design of thick frames without bruising your nose with its heavyweight. 

Sure, this may look like what your grandpa would wear, but it’s time you also acknowledge the 1970s trends coming back with a bang and making all hippies go head over heels for this pair of glasses. 

They are known to give a smart, urban and cool look which adds an extra edge to the classic hipster glasses.

As for the practical events of the glasses, it offers free anti-reflective and anti-scratch coating with 100% UV400 (UVA & UVB) protection to add to its long list of perks. 

KATE SPADE – TANA/G Hipster Glasses

Looking for delicate and feminine glasses to resonate with your elegant personality Kate Spade has got your back!

These light pink glasses are light and airy which gives an illuminating factor to your everyday looks. The chic style takes the lead over most of the other chunkier hipster glasses to improve convenience and aesthetics. 

The metal temples help complement the trendy design and the ever famous spade logo only makes it better to wear it with your favorite outfits.

The cat-eye factor offers a perfect finish to any formal wear that you decide to wear and can make it the most versatile accessory to have in your wardrobe.

If you have a thing for designer eyeglasses, you are simply going to love these. 

It is specifically made for all those minimalist hipsters who can’t get enough of the subtle hints of pink hues and an elaborate frame to bring out the beautiful features on your face and create an uplift effect.

The thin frame sits on the bridge of the nose just fine which makes it easier to wear on a day to day basis. 

GUCCI – Black Gold Hipster glasses

eyeglasses, hipster glasses,

Think about most of the hippies who inspired you to read this guide right now. I’m sure most of them had one of these browline styles, strong inner, which are always timeless innate.

You can update the standard thick frames and minimal frames with these glasses, which are a mixture of the two. 

Feel free to enjoy the understated finish, adjustable nose pads and always trending gold eyewire for a more personalised look.

The rectangular shape looks best on round faces to help add structure and contour some parts to make it look narrower.

The lightweight, anti-scratch design is specifically suited for hipsters who never fail to stay in the trend game. 

It also helps achieve a geek chic look to mimic how frames frame the face in a perfect way.

The glasses help you express your inner strong flair of personality and keep your head high with style.

They would also go really well with a pair of stylish suspenders. Check out our guide on “How to Wear Suspenders”.

VANLINKER – Aviator Tortoise Eyeglasses


VANLINKER is the epitome of perfect hipster glasses thanks to its unique colours and structure which gives an arrow feel to your face; the distinct flat brow paired with acetate face can give an effortlessly cool look to suit any face.

The frame ensures to give a comfortable feel to sit fat on your nose, unlike many other glasses that pinch it. 

The plastic is durable and the frame is sturdy to make sure you never suffer from stiff hinges and yearly new glasses purchases. 

One of the things that make these glasses stand above the rest is how it sets itself apart from most of the mainstream trendy glasses and has its own orange-yellow hints to glam up your face.

It comes from a reputable eyewear brand that ensures certainty and gives peace of mind that your style is in good hands.

All in all, these glasses will never fail to be the statement piece in not only your looks but your wardrobe as well. 

ANRRI – Black Oversized Grandpa Square Hipster Glasses

glasses for hipsters,

This iconic eyewear is all you need to be a true hipster.

At times it’s never a bad idea to ditch the extravagant designs and go for a classic hipster look on days when you are unsure of what to wear.

And that’s exactly why such classic glasses come into the picture.

When it comes to classics you don’t have to be a nerd to stay in the fashion game. The solid colours give a more refreshing look to any face and can be ideal to pair it up with any outfit.

The simple wayfarer design is a must-have item for all the hippies out there.

The thick black full rimmed frame is available in a wide array of colours ranging from black, clear and tortoise.

It’s a perfectly fashionable geek look that can instantly elevate your regular formula wear to give a neat and competent character.

The anti-reflective and anti-scratch coating only adds to its countless perks that its users absolutely adore. 

Big Square Horn Rim Nerd Spectacles 

eyeglasses for hipsters, hipster eyeglasses,

If you follow trends, there is no way you haven’t stumbled upon clear glasses at least once.

This specific pair is horn-rimmed and made with hand-polished cellulose acetate to get that stylish look.

The square frame can suit almost any face, and the clear, bold aesthetics can help give a modern look that you are going far. They don’t take away the light from your face and keeps things minimal. 

All in all, the lightweight body and color options make it one of the best hipster glasses that you can never go for.

These are also known as classic geek glasses owing to their stylish and trendy appearance. Anyone who decides to wear these glasses is definitely going to have a bold and daring personality. 

And that is why this pair has specifically been designed for all those hippies out there! 


Looking for the best hipster glasses that will match your personality and also suit your budget?

You have come to the right place.

We have found some of the best trendy eyeglasses for all those people out there who want to use the glasses for their desired purpose.

Sturdy frames, stylish and unusual rims, and high quality materials are some features common among all these pairs of spectacles. 

Whether you are looking for vintage hipster glasses or something cool and more unusual, this roundup of the best hipster glasses will definitely help you take a pick.

Check out the features and specs of all these pairs and then choose one according to your budget.

We have included a couple of high-end glasses as well because we know hipsters can just go to any length to satisfy their fashion taste. 

All these glasses are suitable for all face shapes as we have carefully chosen them. Some are more stylish than others but every pair has its own unique features.

We hope you can easily find the best pair that suits your requirements perfectly.

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