Top 10 Movies Like Jason Bourne You Can Stream Right Now

If you are a sucker for the thrill, you must know how it feels to get your blood moving with every action and suspense scene from movies like Jason Bourne.

However, unlike these heroes, you can’t be on a CIA mission to end terror, nor can you be involved in a high-speed car chase that can potentially kill you; however, you can feel all the rush just at the comfort of your couch (and even pajamas). 

With dangerous action, suspense, and twists, The Bourne series honestly had a significant impact on its audience that is still alive today. It’s hard to find comparable movies but there are still some flicks out there that you can truly enjoy based on your preferences. This article sums up 10 of those movies so you can start watching them one by one. 

Here is a complete list of the top 10 movies like Jason Bourne that you can stream right now.

Angelina Jolie Salt, Movies like jason bourne,
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Salt (2010)

This movie is all about the star power of Angelina Jolie, where she did justice with her lead role and injected a robust and mysterious figure into an extraordinary emotional movie mixed with tenacious thrills.

The plot is all about a CIA agent who gets accused of being a Russian sleeper agent. The suspicion begins when a Russian spy walks into their offices and requests Evelyn Salt to attend the funeral of the U.S Vice President. Although Evelyn Salt is a respected CIA agent, you will see her proving all the accusations wrong and getting tested for her loyalty in the movie. 

In Salt, Evelyn is on the run to use her skills and years of experience to combat everyone that comes in between her duty and loyalty. The fact that she has been accused of being a double agent took an enormous toll on her life, so how will Salt prove her innocence? What is she planning? 

The characteristics of the lead are similar to Jason Bourne, which makes it the ideal movie you should watch if you are looking to binge-watch another film right after the Bourne series. 

Atomic Blonde, Movies like jason bourne,

Atomic Blonde (2017)

Adapted for the classic novel “The Coldest City,” the director of the famous original John Wick movie David Leitch did an incredible job at bringing the written words into life. The film is all about bare-knuckle brutality and some of the most entertaining sequences of action and spy that you can think of. Lorraine Broughton is an elite spy who will use all of her lethal skills to survive an impossible mission. In the Atomic Blonde, you will see the lead ruthlessly espionage a ring and teaming up with an embedded station chief to get to the deadliest places.

The movie is filled with emotional depth, action, and a raging thriller to leave you with goosebumps by the end of the almost two-hour movie. Her style resonates with James Bond’s, which adds extra character for all the spy lovers out there. 

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit (2014)

Jack Ryan has a modernizing way of amping up the concept of “thriller” and uses the previous iterations and more of Bourne’s brain to carry out the operations in the movie. Chris Pine put the best into the movie and sent a spy to Russia on Kenneth Branagh’s ruthless villain. You get to see brutality with his words more than first, which is what makes this movie more exciting and different from the rest. 

As for the character, Jack Ryan is more for an ordinary executive for his loved ones but an actual CIA officer working for the agency for years. After he covers the secret behind the U.S economy and the global chaos can be a result of that. Later, Ryan becomes the only guy with the right skills to stop it. The rest of the movie is about maintaining his secrecy between his detective leader, clueless fiancee, and the Russian leader. 

Bridge of Spies (2015)

Nothing can beat movies from Tom Hanks star power, and Steven Spielberg’s directing brings out the best characters and storylines. You will find him defending Soviet KGB spy Rudolf Abel (Mark Rylance) in court in the movie.

The accusations and the impossible mission led him to work with a CIA spy in exchange for releasing a captured pilot. Later, the movie took a huge twist in its negotiation. This pilot was arrested and sentenced to 10 years in prison during a mission where his plane was shot down by the opposition Soviet Union and spent the rest of his journey in the KGB intelligence office. 

The movie is surrounded by this innocent pilot’s freedom and James B. Donovan’s struggles to get him to that point. From the beginning of the movie to the intense twists and ending, the movie can rest assured to keep your eyes glued to the TV screen and leave you with a heavy heart by the very end. Considering how it is a true story, you are likely to enjoy each of the scenes more and indulge in the conflicts better than any other spy movie. This movie is liked by all Jason Bourne fans because it also shows strong zeal and commitment to justice, just like how Jason Bourne portrays in the movie.

Mission Impossible poster, movies like jason bourne,

Mission: Impossible (1996)

You can’t have a list of movies like Jason Bourne and not talk about Mission Impossible. Who hasn’t heard of Mission: Impossible, right? But how many of us have actually watched it after watching all these latest spy movies? Being a classic and the first of the eight movies, Tom Cruise has managed to blow his audience away with his incredible performance in the movie. 

Here, you will see a professional CIA agent Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise), on the run to clear his disloyal reputation and get on a mission of chase sequences and computer theft operation, which is supposed to be undertaken by the most loyal officers. 

This isn’t just an ordinary mission. Ethan chooses to prevent the theft of a computer file that contains code names and identities of all the American double agents that can change the history of America forever. The story is a complete labyrinth of the post-Cold War era, where double agents were a norm. 

What makes this movie interesting is the usage of cool tech gadgets like built-in TV cameras, eyeglasses, laptop computers, hidden microphones, and agents in disguise to help catch the suspects in action. In addition, the extreme car exploring, shooting, and knifing make this movie one of the best action movies you can watch while you are high on adrenaline with its thrill. 

The movie features some of the leading makers of spy movies in the industry and a highly realistic and extravagant setup to make it stand out from the rest.

Charlie Wilson's War Scene, Movies like Jason Bourne,

Charlie Wilson’s War (2007)

If you are too overwhelmed by the severe and intense scenes of spy movies, this one can be a refreshing change. The movie stars Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Tom Hanks, and Julia Roberts to add the ever needed drama, comedy, and thrill to this terrific movie. 

Based on a true story, you are going to see these three leads forming an allegiance with Texas socialite Joanne Herring (Roberts) and a CIA agent to raise funding for the Afghan freedom fighters who are matching their way against the Soviet Union. 

The trio’s successful efforts to finance these operations and actions of the Texas congressman Charlie Wilson’s covert dealings have filled the movie with insane suspense and thrill to give you Jason Bourne vibes. 

These long-reaching efforts by everyone show their true effects at the end and can make one of the very few movies that stay with you many years down the line. 

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picture of Keanu reeves, Speed,

Speed (1994)

Thie movie was a huge box office hit with critical success to help resonate confidence in this choice. Thanks to the unmatched casting of the movie, Keanu Reeves and Jeff Daniels go on a mission to provide freedom to the hostages who are about to encounter a bomb explosion. 

The young Los Angeles police department S.W.A.T (Special Weapons and Tactics) officer called Jack Traven (Keanu Reeves), ti triggers the retired Atlanta police department bomb squad member who later takes the hostages into a bus with a bomb that will explode as soon as the sped drops below 50 miles per hour. 

Although many people think the movie was too dragged out, for someone like Keanu Reeves, who specializes in giving movie life, this movie is a total must-watch. One of the most heart-touching scenes from the movie is when you get to find out the sacrifices Jack makes to dispose of and disarm the explosives for LAPD.

Filled with significant twists, the bus’s passenger Annie (Sandra Bullock), Jack, and his partner Harry figure out a way to get all the hostages out of the bus while making sure Payne, who is monitoring them via a CCTV camera, doesn’t find out. 

There are very few movies that do well in situations and stories like this one but Speed is one of the best masterpieces that still make it to the top 10 movies like Jason Bourne that you need to stream now. What makes this script a superhit is its suspense and action and the wittiness that ensures to keep people around for two hours straight. 

Moreover, the excellent chemistry of the trio and their problem-solving techniques make a logical ending of the movie and go the extra mile to fill you up with bursts of emotion as the scenes, characters, and storyline change. 

If I have to describe the movie in a single word, it definitely has to be a rollercoaster as the intense challenges, restrictions, and most interesting solutions come out of the blue to give you a sequence of multiple actions and drama for that boost of adrenaline while you are simply chilling on your couch. Most of the Jason Bourne fans think of Speed as an action movie with wall-to-wall action and crime to keep your blood pumping hard throughout the entire 1 hour and 56 minutes. 

Safe House (2012)

Starring Ryan Reynolds, Denzel Washington, and Vera Farmiga, who bring out the best in the script. The movie is all about a dangerous CIA renegade that resurfaces after a decade on the run. The Safe House that was supposed to be the safest place he could ever live in is now attacked by mercenaries who are a rookie that escapes with him. The allies need to stay close and stick together to find out the motivation behind the escape and uncover who wants them. 

The movie is about survival and finding out who wants them dead while their safe house is undertaken by mercenaries who want Frost. 

With a great screenplay, trill, and story, you will fall in love with the characters and how each of them plays their own battle to survive and keep the movie true to its storyline. The director Daniel Espinosa did an exceptional job at bringing out the best in its cast and making this movie one of the favorites of all the Jason Bourne fans out there. 

Pierce Brosnan, November Man, Movies Like Jason Bourne,

The November Man (2014)

This movie is for all those Jason Bourne and James Bond movie lovers who can’t get enough action and thrill in their movie selection. The movie is highly frustrating as wherever there is a way to make things better, you are likely to see another obstacle in the lead’s way. An ex-CIA officer finds himself on a personal mission against his former student that involves high-level CIA officials and the deadly game of the Russians. 

Each of the cases is monitored by the satellites, and assassins cut down bushels of henchmen all while battling an eye for the good and bad guys. The movie is an amalgam of drama, action, and thrill mixing allusion to real-world geopolitical traumas to leave you shocked with the end of the movie.

Here, you will see Peter Devereaux as Pierce Brosnan, who has 20 years of experience in dealing with these sorts of men and starting his own fan club with a cooler James bond and a more self-loathing Ian Fleming who create an exciting edge to the overall movie. 

What makes this movie stand above the rest is how the geopolitical traumas that include the Russian-Chechnyan conflict with CIA black ops, the movie all set with the hero’s awesome moves that mixes real-life situations with allusions to help you get lost in the intense story of the November Man and rage as the brutality and suspense increases. The tough-guy overview of the hero can give Jason Bourne vibes to make it the best movie you can watch right after you are done with watching the Bourne series. 

Although the movie is packed with violence and sexual insults, which may be distressing for some, the high graphics and action scenes make it worthwhile to indulge in this specific movie. 


This exhilarating movie takes an extraordinary approach to conventional spy movies. Benign both emotional and thrilling, this movie will stay with you regardless of how many times you watch it. The seventeen-year-old Kim is the joy of her father, Bryan Mills, a retired CIA agent currently living a normal life in California. Kim lives with her mother and wealthy stepfather after her parent’s divorce. 

Being the typical teenager that she is, as his daughter requests to visit France with her friend Amanda, the movie takes a huge twist with her kidnapping and making this movie a complete tragedy. The taxi driver, who also happens to be a part of an Albanian gang of human traffickers, talks to Bryan briefly and sets off on his journey to Paris, France. 

This awakens Bryan’s perilous set of skills that kept him one of the best CIA agents in his days. As he gets involved in this case and takes his revenge, he gets pulled back to the life-threatening career that constantly demands him to push his luck and escape death. Thanks to the turns, dedication, and twits present in more than half of the movie, you will enjoy the deadly operations of the ex CIA officer and make you pull out of your comfort zone. 

Starring Liam Neeson, Maggie Grace, and Famke Janssen, Pierre Morel did an outstanding job at making the best of Paris (as always). He ensured each of the fighting scenes would get you with high octane, emotional with teary eyes, and leave you with a moved heart as you wind up the movie at the end. 

As for the relevancy with Jason Bourne, just like how he was so centered around his family and dedication towards his past CIA life, this movie has relatively the same foundation to help relate to your favorite movies. It will surely keep you on the edge of your seat throughout its duration. 


Espionage action is something almost everyone enjoys regardless of their age or watching preferences. There has been a lot of spy movies created in the last decade and have become blockbusters of their time. We have discussed a few of these movies in this article and these are definitely our pick for the 10 best movies like Jason Bourne. So, which of these movies are you planning to watch? 

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