7 Business Casual Shoes Every Man Should Own

For the last two decades, business casual has become one of the most popular dress codes for the office and it doesn’t look like that will change anytime soon. The office has become more casual day by day and business casual attire is the perfect blend of traditional and relaxed business wear. And you can’t talk about business wear without talking about men’s business casual shoes.

It should be clear for everyone that when they are getting dressed for work, the clothes they usually wear to do everyday tasks are (usually) not suitable in a business casual environment.

A business casual wardrobe is very important for every working individual because when you have to meet fellow employees, go out on official dinners, attend cultural institutions or annual get-togethers you should want to look nice and professional. 

It is extremely important to pay more attention to your shoes when it comes to getting dressed for a business casual environment since it’s a known fact that your choice of shoes says a lot about your personality.

In this article, we will discuss which shoes are considered men’s business casual shoes and what men should wear in official meetings or most importantly in the office.

What Shoes Go With a Casual Business Attire?

We all know that shoes have an enormous impact on the overall look of any outfit. It is therefore extremely important to carefully choose the footwear that goes well with the specific dress code you are aiming for.

The shoes that go really well with business casual attire are the ones that are both stylishly relaxed and rightfully corporate. 

It is recommended to avoid wearing flip-flops, sandals, slippers and open-toe shoes. Moreover, you should not wear eye-catching, blingy footwear in the office.

There are many styles of shoes out there in the market or online that you can rely on to make your wardrobe complete for business casual. 

What Shoes Should Men Wear in Office?

The trend of mens business casual shoes has changed a lot in the past few decades and comfort has become an essential part of shoes that men should wear in the office.

Oxford, derby and monk strap shoes are considered to be perfect for the office especially in black and brown. The design of shoes must be simple and they must not be very shiny. 

On the other hand, the sole of the shoes makes a huge impact on how the shoes look. For offices, slim leather and rubber soles are considered to be best. 

Are Slip-On Shoes Mens Business Casual Shoes?

Few types of slip-on shoes such as minimal sneakers and loafers can be worn with business casual attire. Although, sneakers are not considered to be appropriate for a business casual environment minimal sneakers are considered the exception in modern offices. 

Some workplaces have a more relaxed interpretation of business casual shoes and therefore slip-on shoes can be worn in those workplaces.

However, only solid colors and high color leather or suede are recommended if you want to wear minimal sneakers in a business casual setting.

It is also recommended to wear tapered jeans, chinos or wool trousers with minimal sneakers. The jacket can also be worn with minimal sneakers. 

However, it is advised to never wear a full suit with minimal sneakers as it is not easy to pull off. 

Can Boots Be Business Casual Men Shoes?

Yes, boots can be business casual shoes as long as they aren’t too flashy and blend in with your wardrobe. Boots fulfill the criteria for business casual shoes which are; the shoes are rather normal but presentable and appropriate for the office. 

Unless the dress code is severely strict, boots can be comfortably worn with business casual attire.

Moreover, the cuffs of jeans, khakis or any other pants that you are going to wear will cover most of the boots; it is going to be only vamp, heel and the toe that will be visible.

Lastly, if a pair of leather shoes can be worn with business casual attire then boots can be worn too. 

7 Different Types of Mens Business Casual Shoes

1. Oxford Shoes

It is a common misconception among men that oxford shoes are not mens business casual shoes and can only be worn for formal events.

However, this is not true at all. If you wear oxford shoes appropriately, they can go well with a variety of attires including those which require a business casual dress code. 

It is recommended to buy black or brown oxford shoes if you intend to wear them with business casual attire. Moreover, avoid wearing patent designs to avoid being overdressed.

Our recommendation: Handcrafted Leather Wingtip Brogue Oxfords

mens oxford business casual shoes,

2. Derby Shoes

Derby is yet another shoe style that is considered to be an excellent choice for a business casual wardrobe.

Derby shoes go well with a wide range of outfits due to their everlasting and minimal designs. Just like any other business shoes, you should choose the outfit that balances the overall appearance to make derby shoes look great. 

It is advised to wear classic leather derby shoes with more comfortable outfits and suede derby shoes go well with a more formal outfit.

Our recommendation: Clarks Men’s Derby Lace-up

mens brown derby shoe

3. Monk Strap Shoes

Although monk strap shoes are sleek at the same time they are very comfortable and can be easily worn for 9 hours in the office or beyond.

They are not only formal making them a perfect choice for business casual but they also have a style appeal that makes them suitable for after-work drinks and weekend parties. 

Monk straps shoes are best suited for men who want to stand out from the crowd and who love getting extra attention.

It is therefore highly recommended to buy monk strap shoes if you don’t already have a pair in your business casual wardrobe, especially the shiny black leather designs which are considered to be best for the office.

Our recommendation: Captoe Double Monkstrap by Lethato

monkstrap brown mens casual business shoes,

4. Dress Boots

If there is one type of business shoe that can be worn all year round it’s dress boots, especially during fall and winter when extra coverage is required and shoes that offer more coverage are preferred over low cut shoes.

Casual dress in the office has now become a norm, so you should not feel embarrassed to add a pair of dress boots to your business casual wardrobe. 

Dress boots mostly come in black, brown and tan but other colors are also available on the market and online.

Dress boots are suitable for wearing with jeans, chinos, trousers and even suits. It is recommended that you do not wear chunky dress boots with business casual attire.

Our recommendation: Goodyear Welded Wingtip Boots

The perfect pair of mens dress boots for business casual

5. Loafers

Your business casual wardrobe is simply incomplete if you don’t own a smart pair of loafers.

Loafers are laceless slip-on shoes that are an essential accessory for any man and they can easily be worn in a business casual environment as well. 

Loafers are available online in all shapes, sizes, colors and styles. Moreover, there is a wide range of loafers from very formal to very casual. You can wear a loafer with or without socks and they go well with a variety of outfits such as jeans, chinos or trousers. 

Our recommendation: Venetian Loafers

business casual mens loafer shoes

6. Chelsea Boots

Whenever we think of business casual shoes, the first thing that comes to our mind is boots. Boots are not only suitable for business casual but they also look incredibly stylish and are very comfortable to be worn.

Chelsea boots have a round toe with elastic sides and they can be taken off and on without the hassle of laces or buckles. 

Chelsea boots are one of those business casual shoes that go really well with suits. It is recommended that they have a sleek silhouette and polished finish.

Sometimes black Chelsea boots might look awkward when worn with jeans due to the reason that they’re are a bit too dressy. The best colors for business casual Chelsea boots are black, brown, dark green and burgundy.

Our recommendation: Classic Black Men’s Chelsea Boots

mens black classic chelsea boots

7. Chukka Boots

Chukka boots have been in fashion since the early ’40s and these days they have become really popular.

They are ankle-high, have a round toe, open lacing with two or three lacing eyelets.

Chukka boots are mostly made from leather or suede and are available in a wide range of colors some of which are way too casual for business attire. 

It must be noted here that not all types of chukka boots are appropriate for a business casual setting. Some of the chukka boots are dressier while others are more casual.

One of the common types of chukka boots is desert boots that feature unstructured uppers and crepe soles and are not suitable for business attire.

Beige and tan suede chukka boots are considered to be best for business casual when worn with skinny or boot cut jeans or chinos.

Our recommendation: Classic Tan Chukka Boots

business casual mens chukka boots and shoes

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