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30 Unconventional Tips on How to be a Better Gentleman

30 Unconventional Tips on How to be a Better Gentleman

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1. Always watch what you say

Only a child or a fool misuses the power of his tongue. Words have the ability to build up or tear down. And once said, they can never be taken back. A gentleman chooses wisely.

2. Be a contributing member of society/Give without expecting anything in return

Be the first to say hello to a stranger passing you on the street. Give something back to someone less fortune than you whether that be time or money.

3. Speak up and make eye contact

Shifty eyes and a mumble of a low voice would put even the most trusting man on edge. Speaking up while looking into the other person’s eyes shows courage and respect.

4. Smile and make someone’s day with a well timed compliment

My dad used to tell me to smile even when I didn’t feel like it. I hated it, until I understood the reason. When you genuinely smile at someone, you remove the barrier of unfamiliarity. It makes you a welcoming presence and that, alongside a well timed “Nice shoes”, will make half the world fall in love with you.

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