Characteristics of a Gentleman: 30 Unconventional Tips

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The characteristics of a gentleman cannot always be quantified in a simple list, but it helps. This guide gives you just a few ways to be a better gentleman on a daily basis and show the world we still exist.

1. Always watch what you say

Only a child or a fool misuses the power of his tongue. Words have the ability to build up or tear down. And once said, they can never be taken back. A gentleman chooses wisely.

2. Be a contributing member of society/Give without expecting anything in return

Be the first to say hello to a stranger passing you on the street. Give something back to someone less fortunate than you whether that be time or money.

3. Speak up and make eye contact

Shifty eyes and a mumble of a low voice would put even the most trusting man on the edge. Speaking up while looking into the other person’s eyes shows courage and respect.

4. Smile and make someone’s day with a well-timed compliment

This should probably be number in our list of characteristics of a gentleman. My dad used to tell me to smile even when I didn’t feel like it. I hated it until I understood the reason. When you genuinely smile at someone, you remove the barrier of unfamiliarity. It makes you a welcoming presence and that, alongside a well-timed compliment like “Nice shoes”, will make half the world fall in love with you.

5. Choose your style and claim it as your own

Style is about personification. Wear what makes you feel more like you. Whatever that may be, own it and wear it with confidence.

6. Learn to cook at least 3 meals. Breakfast. Lunch. Dinner

Gone are the old days of women staying in the kitchen. And honestly, that’s a good thing. Food is beautiful and you should know a little something about it. If for no other reason than to learn how to take care of yourself and your family. This also comes from personal experience. When writing this guide I tried to make a habit of applying a few characteristics of a gentleman in my daily life and this probably became my favorite one.

7. Always be willing to learn.

There is no, I can’t. A gentleman is always willing to expand his mind and learn a new skill.

8. Leave the Rated R language for those less civilized. Seriously. 

A gentleman’s vocabulary is more expansive than the use of a few four-letter words. In the moment, you may think it’s cool, but it really just shows a lack of patience and an abundance of ignorance.

9. Always have at least one good story to tell.

10. Travel and experience life so you have a good story to tell.

11. Listen.

Sometimes the best thing you can do for a friend or loved one is to just listen. A man that knows how to listen is a wise man indeed.

12. Know the difference between confidence and arrogance.

Not many men can distinguish the difference between those two words. Confidence is being secure in who you are, what you have to offer, what you lack and your willingness to make up the difference. An arrogant man believes he is lacking in nothing. Expect maybe humility.

13. When it comes to a lady, always offer to pay.

14. When it comes to a lady, always offer your coat.

15. Even in the middle of the day, walk her home.

In today’s society, a woman can certainly take care of herself. She is more than capable of paying her own bill, bringing her own coat and walking herself home. However, that’s not the point. The point is to show her how much you value her time, presence and person.

how to be a gentleman, be a better gentleman,

16. Do your best to never forget a birthday.

Pull out that calendar. A gentleman remembers his best friend’s birthday.

17. Figure out what you’re good at. Do that.

Find your purpose. More than likely it has something to do with whatever it is you’re good at. And trust me, you’re good at something. Everyone is. Maybe you haven’t found it yet, but when you do, don’t be afraid of pursuing it. A gentleman never lets fear get in the way of his life’s dream and goals.

18. Dance. Even if you’re not very good.

Learn to two-step. Take a salsa class. Figure out how to foxtrot. Even if you have no rhythm at all, always meet her on the dance floor. I guarantee if you don’t, someone else will.

19. Open doors and pull out chairs.

It never gets old gentlemen.

20. Be genuine. Liars have a special place in hell.

21. Work hard but smart.

22. Have an open mind, but be strong in what you believe.

Don’t be so close-minded that you can’t have an opposing discussion. Try to always put yourself in the place of those who believe differently than you. It almost certainly won’t change your view, but it helps to practice living and thinking from a different perspective than your own.

23. Be clean.

No one likes a messy man. And a gentleman is anything but messy.

24. Don’t forget the deodorant.

The way you smell is another opportunity to leave a lasting impression on those around you. Make sure that impression is a good one.

25. Be willing to do what needs to be done. 

One of the characteristics of a gentleman is always having a solid resolve. A gentleman is humble, confident and courageous. You will find yourself in situations that are difficult to deal with and when everyone else backs away from them, and they will, it‘s your job to step up.

26. Respect the elderly. No matter what.

No matter what.

27. When someone approaches you while you’re sitting, stand up and shake their hand.

It all goes back to respect. When you stand and greet the other person it shows how much you respect them and yourself.

28. Allow her to go first. Especially in the bedroom.

Just another way to show how much you appreciate her.

29. Encourage those around you to be better.

Let the people around you know how awesome they are. It may sound like brown-nosing, but when it’s done in a genuine manner it’s the best way to encourage those around you to rise to a higher level.

30. Last but not least on our list of characteristics of a gentleman…Relax and be you.

The best way to be a better gentleman is to remember to be a better man. Be who you are and keep reminding yourself of these little tips and rules to apply to your everyday life.

Have something to add to the list? Leave a comment and show some love with a share.

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