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Ten Best Guy Trips Every Man Should Take Before He Turns 35

Ten Best Guy Trips Every Man Should Take Before He Turns 35

There’s a whole world out there to see, but as a man, there are certain places that have a power to them. These ten best guy trips will change the way you see the world.

When a man turns thirty-five, he is entering a new era of his life. If he is under traveled and inexperienced when this happens, it makes his later life that much harder (and boring).

You should take these trips before you turn thirty-five. Have a look at the locations listed. This is a way you can reconnect with your masculinity, feel a connection with history and experience culture.

1. Take A Trip To Your Ancestral Homeland

The first one is specific only to you and is the most important. If you want to really get a sense of who you are, you must see where your forefathers came from.

To feel the earth beneath your feet, to stand in a land that used to be populated by your ancestors, that’s essential.

You’ll leave that place a changed man.

2. Visit Rome And See The Echoes Of An Empire

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Rome is a magical city, with a root of blood and stone. When you visit Rome, you’ll see many things that are modern and new, but you also see hints of an age long passed, when East and West were connected.

This is a City with a deep history.

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