Ten Best Guy Trips Every Man Should Take Before He Turns 35

There’s a whole world out there to see, but as a man, there are certain places that have power to them. These ten best guy trips will change the way you see the world.

When a man turns thirty-five, he is entering a new era of his life. If he is under traveled and inexperienced when this happens, it makes his later life that much harder (and boring).

You should take these trips before you turn thirty-five. Have a look at the locations listed. This is a way you can reconnect with your masculinity, feel a connection with history and experience culture.

1. Take A Trip To Your Ancestral Homeland

The first one is specific only to you and is the most important. If you want to really get a sense of who you are, you must see where your forefathers came from.

To feel the earth beneath your feet, to stand in a land that used to be populated by your ancestors, that’s essential.

There is a reason this is #1 on the list of best guy tips, you’ll leave that place a changed man.

2. Visit Rome And See The Echoes Of An Empire

best guy trips, Rome,

Rome is a magical city, with a root of blood and stone. When you visit Rome, you’ll see many things that are modern and new, but you also see hints of an age long passed, when East and West were connected.

This is a city with a deep history.

3. Bangkok – To Observe The Other Side Of Life

best guy trips, Bangkok,

Thailand is the place that many young men flock to, whether to live cheaply and try and make it online or to party until they are blackout drunk.

Bangkok is the center of this obsession, and here you will find a culture that may be totally alien to you, yet familiar.

4. New York, The Most Glamorous City In The World

best guy trips, New York,

This made the list because if you haven’t visited New York City, then you must make it a priority. Our list of best guy trips puts this city as one of the most recognizable and well-known in the world.

There’s a magic to it, that you feel when you are visiting, and free to walk around and experience the city.

5. The Himalayas In The East


This mountain range, spreading across five countries.

With deep cultural and spiritual roots, you cannot help but be inspired when you see these wonders that have stood for the entirety of human history. To learn more about the surrounding mountain area go here.

6. The Cape of Good Hope In South Africa

A perfect tourist destination with a nature reserve and mountain biking tours, the Cape of Good Hope is a prime location. It is at the southern tip of Africa and has special significance to sailors and seafarers.

7. Notre-Dame Cathedral In France

best guy trips, Notre Dame,

Notre-Dame Cathedral is one of the most beautiful structures in the world. A cathedral in Paris, it is well worth the trip to experience this pure genius in architecture, design, and craftsmanship.

8. The Dead Sea In The Middle-East

The Dead Sea is one of the saltiest bodies of water in the world, which explains why animals and plants can’t flourish here.

It’s oddity and strange properties have been an attraction for thousands of years, and it is a place that you must see with your own eyes.

9. The Grand Canyon in Arizona

A natural wonder, created by the Colorado River, the Grand Canyon lives up to its name and provides a powerful spectacle.

The scale of the place can only be experienced by taking a trip there yourself.

10. Yellowstone National Park

Yellow Stone,

Yellowstone is a National Park, that’s filled with hot springs and geysers due to the volcanic activity beneath the ground.

It also serves as a beautiful location and would be worth visiting before you turn thirty-five.

Have a location you would like to add to our list of best guy trips, comment below.

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