5 Ways Listening to Music Can Make You a Better Man

2. Ambient Noise Can Improve Your Creativity

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There is a spectrum of people who prefer to work in silence and others who prefer to blast their tunes. The best type of music to listen to when you want to get those creative juices flowing lies somewhere in the middle of those two extremes.

Studies have shown that ambient noise (around 70 decibels) at moderate levels can make you strain to process things, just enough to help you with your abstract thinking and creativity. Think of it like this: ambient noise is the pair of foot weights that you carry when you go running to make you stronger and faster. Ambient dub among other genres of ambient electronic music are great ways that can keep your brain engaged without being obtrusive.

1. Music Can Help Your Sex Life

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French researchers found that women who listened to romantic music before entering a room with a male subject, were more likely to hand over their numbers even to an average-looking guy. Although we’ve seen this play out in countless movies where the main guy plays some romantic song before attempting to court a woman, it is great to know that there is research behind how music can affect your mood.

If you want to get more scientific, the brain releases dopamine when you are listening to music. This pleasure hormone is a perfect mood setter when you want taking your partner into the bedroom.

Overall, music is one hell of a drug. It’s powers are still not completely understood but the little we do know leads us to believe that music has the ability to engage with many, many parts of the brain allowing us to make positive improvements to various areas of our life. Whether you play in a rock and roll garage band or simply like to listen to your favorite artist while you’re at work, any level of music integration into your life has a tremendous return on investment.

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