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How to Wear Suspenders: A Gentleman’s Guide

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Table of Contents:

  1. Buttons vs. Clips
  2. Size of the Risers
  3. Suspender Material
  4. Colors and Patterns
  5. Off the Belt?
  6. Choose Your Shape – Y or X Suspenders?
  7. DIY – Make any Pair of Pants Perfect for Suspenders
  8. Suspenders with Business Wear
  9. Suspenders with Casual Wear


The suspenders are another element to be included in the sartorial arsenal of a well-dressed man and are the right accessory to make a statement of personal style.

The belt is a relatively recent invention, as in the period before the First World War, the preferred method to hold on pants was the use of suspenders, while the belts had definitely a more decorative role than functional.

Today, while some are still considered a relic of past times, the suspenders remain the preferred method to hold onto trousers by many men who love to take care of their dress.

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