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The Everything Guide to Dress Boots

The Everything Guide to Dress Boots

Just a few years ago the very idea of dress boots would have seemed out of place, if not outright weird. Not anymore.

I remember going to church when I was a kid and wearing a pair of black boots with my slacks because I couldn’t find my dress shoes. At the time my mother was furious with me but I couldn’t help to think they looked WAY better than my boring oxfords.

Apparently, that view point is now very much accepted in the fashion community. And with that said, it’s come to our attention that every gentleman should know when to wear, how to wear and to what to wear dress boots with.

Especially because its become obvious this fashion trend that began at the end of the Victorian era is not a trend at all, but a style staple that’s here to stay.

What Exactly are Dress Boots?

Good question. Dress boots are distinctly different from outdoor boots in a few ways. One way is that they are not as readily made to be used outdoors. The best dress boot is actual a dress shoe with an extended upper portion to cover the ankles. They are made in a very similar way to dress shoes.

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